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Hello everyone,

This is Qing Du, an experienced Guzheng teacher and player living in London.

Guzheng, or called Chinese harp, is one of the most traditional and popular muscial instruments with thousands of years of history from China. If you are interested in learning this beautiful Chinese instrument - please let me know and below is a little background of myself.

I have learned Guzheng since I was little and have taught many students from various nationalities, occupations and age ranges in both mainland China and London for nearly 10 years. With highest grade (10th grade) certificate in Guzheng awarded by China Nationalities Orchestra Society (the highest association for Chinese folk music) achieved in 2005, I have also got years of solo performance experience as well as tutoring.

Email: cecilia1423@gmail.com

Tel: +44 (0)78606 286060

Feel free to get in touch and look forward to seeing you in London!

Best regards,



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How nice! I wish I was nearer.

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Thanks Luxi for your comment.

No worries. Hope you can find someone who can teach you Guzheng in Wales or feel free to contact me when you are in London :)

Good luck and Happy New Year!



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