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    • Siyano
      Hello, I have been already a teacher in China in 2017-18, although I was in a grey area of "legality" where they made me applied for the work visa and technically never processed I dont have a BA and dont plan to have one.   I curious to know about the following: 1) Student visa, does being a student allow you to work, can you get a student visa just from language school, does it have to be from university? 2) Starting a business, I heard that from an agent, a recent "loophole", where you create your own business of whatever nature and its allow you to legally work too.   I see so many demand and the salary is so high right now to work in China, although mostly kindergarten level, if they need so much why is the gov not reducing the requirement for those worker instead of being in constant need of them, I dont hear from a lot of BA holder willing to go in far countryside to do kindergarten or training school stuff. Like most I think they target tier 1, tier 2 city. so, they should really lower the requrement
    • suMMit
      I suppose it was inevitable, but after almost 4 years of making Chinese almost my only free time activity, I might have to adjusts things a bit. Another long time hobby that I love, but haven't had much opportunity to engage in, has recently re-emerged. This hobby also requires a lot of practice and study. I have by no means quit Chinese or lost interest, but I find myself wanting to split my time between the two now. I am still finding time for both of them every day, there are also times that I can listen to Chinese while doing the other pastime. Has anyone else had this experience?
    • 黄有光
      I'm especially looking for websites focusing on Europe/the EU. Anyone got any leads?
    • 889
      At some point we've all encountered the know-it-all native speaker who's convinced he's right about some grammar or vocabulary point and won't listen to reason when we cite chapter and verse from our textbooks explaining why he's dead wrong. The nerve!   Some years ago Hofmann started a thread for venting about such people. Great idea! Let's resurrect it and vent some more.   https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/20566-rant-about-native-speakers   (To preserve the continuity, it's probably best to post any replies in the original thread, not here.)  
    • sonic92x
      Hello I want to do this tattoo and I wonder if I chose the symbol that is more approximate and relevant. Which expresses this idea more and which is the correct drawing? And also I wonder the meaning of the red characters in the corner does anyone know?
    • Adrian43
      I am preparing for publication a collection of photographs of Beijing from 1862 to 1912 and would appreciate help in identifying the contents of several of them. Subject matter includes temples, monasteries, pagodas, pailou, traditional musical instruments and Peking opera. By way of background, I am a post graduate of the Australian National University (Asian Studies) and the author of several academic books on India and Nepal.
    • mlsdec001
      Hi Everyone    to start off I have not been to China before nor interacted with much Chinese culture. However the teachings of Confucius continue to fascinate and interest me. I understand there is much debate around the status of it being a religion, and I myself am atheist/agnostic. I was hopeful there would be someone who partakes Confucian practices that I may talk to about these teachings and their significance. 
    • phoneticsem
      事后我再三思量,或许自己也做了一个错误的判断。 After the event, I consider over and over again, perhaps myself made a mistake of judgement    再三 zàisān over and over again 或许 huòxǔ perhaps, maybe   
    • weimake
      Hey! What are your online resources for learning Chinese? What podcast, show, channel are you using to keep your Chinese at a certain level. I recently discovered a TV program broadcast on CCTV-1 called 生活提示 Shenghuo tishi (Daily Tips) where everyday topics are discussed.
    • phoneticsem
      他虽然显得尴尬,但总算消了气。Although he appeared embarrassed, but anger disappeared.   尴尬 gāngà embarrassed, awkward; 尢 "a person who has lost the ability to walk,"; 监 jiān supervise, jail;   显得 xiǎnde to appear; 显 xiǎn to make visible; 消 xiāo to disappear;   can I assume the above 2 are opposite words? 总算 zǒngsuàn finally;总 zǒng always; 算 suàn to calculate;   any suggestions to improve the understanding of the  above sentence?    
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