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About this blog

Documenting a learning progress.


Usually I update my efforts in the Weekly intermediate study thread. However, it is anything but weekly and I decided that I could really be a bit more organised about practicing listening skills and adding vocabulary. Doing a blog hopefully will give a better overall view of the progress. 


One is supposed to study what's interesting to oneself, but that does mean I get frequently bogged down into new material that's too advanced and overloading. Combined with a short attention span, little progress is made. When I talk with native speaker well-intentioned language partners, they always over estimate my ability. 


Finding native material at basic/advanced beginner level is a bit difficult. In this thread, there are links to cartoons at a slower pace of delivery. Bite sized pieces of simpler material sounds like a good start. 


Documentation :


Vocabulary can be classified into A) learnt before and now reinforced, B) can guess from context, C) need to look up. 


Number of difficult sentences. I. e. Know the words but listening was hard.

Entries in this blog


Wouldn’t it be good...

....is a favourite song of mine by Nik Kershaw.


Wouldn’t it be good to just get a bit of time to oneself just to study without life getting in the way.  It’s been very busy.


At at least I have glossika to fall back on. It’s now very convenient - connect up my earphones, go into the browser on my phone and start the course. If I don’t finish, then do some reps later at another time.


So far I have managed about five days out of seven for the last three weeks. Nice. 




卡特家庭 5: 在超市) | Level 3 | Chinese


Methodology recap : listened a few times not looking at subtitles. Watched the video to help context. 



guessed meaning, characters known

放进 put in

过道 aisle

汽水 fizzy drink


Couldn't guess meaning, characters known. 

放进去 to put inside

放回去 to put back


Guessed the meaning pretty well, didn't know words before

架子 shelf

薯片 crisps

收银台 cashier's counter 


Previously completely unknown 


皱了一下眉头  wrinkled eyebrows (frowned) 

耸肩 shrug shoulders

曲奇饼干 - apparently usually it's 曲奇 for cookie and 饼干 for biscuit. The two words (four characters) are rarely used together.



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