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From Bangkok

I spent last weekend in Bangkok and took these pictures. The one with the bottles is a gem, though the other two are not very interesting, but at least they are new. Enjoy. :)



This is a notice on a tree. What has happened to it? What will happen to it? And what after that?


Restaurant Riddle

1) Roughly, (or as accurately as you can translate it) what was consumed?

2) What does the establishment request you do not do in order to avoid disorder?

3) I'm not even sure this is possible, but - find a picture of the restaurant and perhaps even dishes . . .


Guess the brand

Sorry for not posting any Signese lately. 乐不思蜀.

Sorry also for the quality of this one - mobile phone photo taken through the sliding doors of a subway. Should be legible, although I'll help you out with the last character - it's the traditional version of 价.

Your question - what brand is being advertised?

Easy questions today, as you're going to be busy figuring out the handscrawling I suspect.
1) What did I have for lunch?
2) What kind of restaurant was this?
3) You'll need to resort to the Internet for this one, but can anyone name the restaurant?
Everyone who gets it right receives pictures of the meal to print out and keep.
Realia collected on a recent evening out.
1) What film did we watch? Summarize the plot and explain for those of us who got confused.
2) Were these full price tickets?
3) Using a subway map and www.bjbus.com, plan a route home to the east gate of Tsinghua University.
I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art today and took this picture at the entrance of an exhibition of Wu Guanzhong's paintings. I like Wu's paintings very much, but he passed away in June this year. Before his death he donated many of his works to the museum, thus the exhibition.
See if you can understand what's in the photo.
Here is a 2004 thread on the artist -> Controversial and Billionaire painter
1) What's on sale?
2) Who's selling it?
3) What will it cost?
4) Where can you go to find out more?
5) Wouldn't one sign have done?
Today's mission: Identify the party responsible for this and report him or her to the relevant local police station. Bonus points for anyone who comes up with the scribblers weblog, QQ number or similar info.
It's a 1999 note, and it may have spent some time making its way from the scene of the crime to Beijing, so the culprit may have moved on. Do not let this stop you. Do not give up. Do not lose heart. Justice must be done.
Yet another toilet one, but this time we can all blame Brendan as he took it. I'm very tired, so let's keep this short and sweet - what are the rules?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a better translation than the one given on the box.
From the inside of a Hong Kong minibus - can you, in order of amounts of money referred to, list and explain the various notices. No prizes for the No Smoking one, except perhaps a consolation 'we know you're trying' star sticker.
A set of photos from the Guangzhou subway, with thanks to xuefang. A lot have English on so I won't propose any questions - but feel free to print them out and recreate that genuine Chinese subway feeling at home.
The sun and rain recently is aging these adverts nicely.
1) What's for sale
2) Where do they come from?
3) What price are they for sale at?
4) Where should you go to make a purchase? Not sure I would have got this one easily without knowing the area.
Apologies for the lack of Signese-love recently, I have been doing other things. Not sure what though.
Here's a hand-scribbled ad stuck up on a window near my local breakfast emporium (ok, McDonald's. Best value coffee in Beijing, I maintain). Rather than just ask you a bunch of questions though, I'm hereby challenging you to transcribe or translate the entire ad. If you can't do it all just do the bits you can.
1) What is the sign on?
2) What should you not do?
3) What is there a danger of if you do?
Been meaning to snap this for ages - it's almost out of season now.
1) What has been imported?
2) From where?
3) What price are they available at?
4) What aspect of said items is singled out for praise?
5) What are we wished to be every day?
6) Where's the pun?
7) For extra credit (not sure it's even possible) what is the text at bottom left that I cut off?
Here's one from the entrance to my building.
1) What has happened to the writer of the note?
2) What are readers asked to do?
3) What job do you think the writer does?
4) What's happening at the end of the second line, I can't figure it out?
5) What information did I crop from the bottom?
Parsing this one could be tricky as there's no indication where one dodgy service ends and the next starts. Not that this will scare you off, oh intrepid ones.
So, what various types of assistance will the gentlemen on the other end of the phone provide?
My first reaction to this sign (which is on a machine that lets you put money on your Seoul subway card, no transfer of electricity is involved) is that it was a mistranslation. But then I thought maybe it's a normal usage that I don't know about, perhaps in Japanese?
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