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Today's mission: Identify the party responsible for this and report him or her to the relevant local police station. Bonus points for anyone who comes up with the scribblers weblog, QQ number or similar info.

It's a 1999 note, and it may have spent some time making its way from the scene of the crime to Beijing, so the culprit may have moved on. Do not let this stop you. Do not give up. Do not lose heart. Justice must be done.


Declaration of Cheapness

Been meaning to snap this for ages - it's almost out of season now.

1) What has been imported?

2) From where?

3) What price are they available at?

4) What aspect of said items is singled out for praise?

5) What are we wished to be every day?

6) Where's the pun?

7) For extra credit (not sure it's even possible) what is the text at bottom left that I cut off?



So this isn't a sign, but it does have Chinese characters. That counts right? Not complicated, weird, or confusing. Just historically interesting. Found in the bottom of a drawer. All up there's 15kg worth and not enough 分 to even make a 角





Cultural Plaza Management Rules

I snapped this one as the usage of 勿搞 caught my eye.

Of the six rules, which

a) prevents you making some pocket money selling ice cream?

B) prevents a picnic on the grass (to be honest I don't actually recall there being any grass . . )

c) might require you to take out your wallet

d) puts a damper on your bicycle polo plans



I took this photo at the HK Central Library this afternoon. If you like, you can try to identify what is wrong with the words used.


This fourth and final entry in the anti-mobile phone campaign on the Chongqing subway takes the famous "Wu Song Defeats the Tiger" (武松打虎) story from the The Water Margin (水浒传) as its subject.












It says when the ferocious tiger ("吊睛白额猛虎") attacks ("袭"), the warrior is busy playing with his phone ("好汉却在玩手机"). It goes on to state that the hero has become a phone zombie/idiot ("打虎英雄变手机痴汉"), and asks how he can allow himself to become so absorbed with his phone during such a vital moment ("紧要时刻怎轻易低头?"). As with the previous three adverts, it requests that people use their phones wisely ("请合理正确使用手机"), so as not to endanger their health and safety ("为了自身的安全与健康").


Contra Diction

Who's the author referred to. And if you already know the answer, don't post it until everyone else has had a shot ;-)



Complete Vancler

As promised earlier in the week, here's the 韩寒 advert for Vancl. Your quiz:

1) What is 大排挡?

2) Which of the two adverts is the more nauseating?

3) Are you looking forward to the excellent supermarket ad I've got lined up for early next week?


Quicky for you from the streets of Beidaihe, sent to us by some bloke called Imron.

1) This message has been posted by who, and criticizes what?

2) The bottom line is a bit difficult to read - can you make it out?

3) That last four letter phrase looks like it's either a variant or a mistake - what's the more common version?

4) Will all your answers result in us getting banned?


Cinema Tickets again

Realia collected on a recent evening out.

1) What film did we watch? Summarize the plot and explain for those of us who got confused.

2) Were these full price tickets?

3) Using a subway map and www.bjbus.com, plan a route home to the east gate of Tsinghua University.


Chinese Immigration Poster

This was snapped at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne. It's a poster opposing immigration by Chinese, dating from the 1860s.

Question for you is - what or who are fan tan and pak ah-pu. Both answers are easily found online, so try and have a guess (or use pre-existing knowledge should you have any) before looking them up and spoiling it for everyone else ;-)


China Dolls

This is quite a fun one to read, have left it at full size as there's an awful lot of detail. No questions, just see how much of it you can read and if you can figure out what the point of the poster is - if you want to make things considerably easier, start from the bottom. Direct link to the image.



I saw this poster yesterday when I was on an escalator. I was quite surprised, mainly by Charles' generosity (well he probably did not know what he was doing and it might be his wife's idea). The combined forces of illness and aging are intimidating.

I meant to take a picture of this today but had missed it (as I was on an escalator). So I had to go downstairs again to take this picture.

Now (Q1) see if you know what this poster is about. Do note the new Chinese name of the illness, which is now in use in Hong Kong, and (Q2) guess what the old Chinese name was. The name has been changed to project a more positive light to the patients. We did the same to another illness a few years back. That illness is now called 思覺失調 over here. (Q3) Guess what it means and what it was called before (you might have to google a bit).


Chalk Handwriting

This is a hand-writing chalked advert for a more or less medical service - how many different ailments and diseases can you identify, and which part of the body are they associated with. Good luck though, there are parts of this one I've given up on figuring out . . .



I took this picture at the cashier of a small restaurant tonight.

If you like, you can -

i) explain what it is;

ii) consider why the shop does this;

iii) comment on the quality of the picture. :mrgreen:



It seems that I keep posting pictures about trees.

Here is another one that I took today. What has happened to this tree?

On the other side of the tree there was the same notice but in English. And I learnt from the English notice that what had affected the tree was not what I had thought as I had misunderstood the relevant Chinese word. Guess what it is?

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