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Back to School

I live next door to an elementary school, and walk past it's side gate pretty much every day. Last week was nice and quiet as the kids were still on holiday. But they're back now.


Spotted this little etching which mysterious appeared right next to the school gate a few days ago…



Know Your Kung Fu


If you don't know better, you'd think everybody in China knows Kung Fu. Well, pretty much. They may not be a practitioner, but they surely know the terms like 七傷拳 and 金鐘罩 from Wuxia novels:) Do you?


Down, Across and In The Round

Again, not really a sign as such but on a simple level I love the way this document's function affects the way it looks.


Plus it also shows hanzi going vertically as well as horizontally, which is a topic that come up from time to time.


Question: What's the other script, and what kind of document is this?  (Click picture to enlarge.)










Caption: "A petition against changes to education policy signed by all the residents of Dalanhua Village, Chifeng Municipality, Inner Mongolia.

The circular style imitates that of duguilang resistance groups in pre-revolutionary times. Photo via Made in China."


From Ethnic Mongols protest Beijing’s push for Mandarin-only classes, SupChina, 1 Sep 2020.




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