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I took this picture because I found the selling point / slogan 吃不過癮的美味 weird.

I mean I would use 吃(得)不過癮 on something negative, for example when the quantity of food is not enough, or if the food is too expensive, or if I am too full to eat the tasty food, or if there is not enough time to enjoy the food, or if the companions and/or environment are unpleasant. I don't have a positive interpretation for it.

So have I missed something? Like perhaps for trendy people it means that the food is really good? What do you think?


From Nara - 咬人。踢人。頂人。衝撞人。

They are the inappropriate/ wild behaviours of the sacred deers in Nara. I found the notice very amusing and laughed out loud when I first saw it.

The other one was taken in Himeji. The pattern was on an advertising banner. I thought it was romantic.


Signese Revival 4

One fairly random photo of Chinese characters in action, per week, until sometime in 2018. And perhaps longer if I'm encouraged. Those who want to contribute their own random photos of Chinese characters are welcome, just get in touch and I'll add you to the contributor list so you can post directly, from computer or phone.


You can all write this from memory, can't you? Taken by Randall in Beijing in 2006. 

signese revival (4).jpg


The Return to Kiroran

With that spirit of sacrifice common to all members here at Chinese-forums.com, @DrWatson has provided us with pictures of the menu at Kiroran. Our correspondent writes:




I most definitely snapped a photo of the menu as well, that was the primary purpose of taking the photos, and it was only then I thought of Signese. Sorry...my stomach thinks before my brain sometimes!


Any thoughts on the menu, any of these dishes worth trying? The prices are a bit high, but I am guessing for some of those dishes they are meant to be shared in a group.  I thought the 麻辣鸡 and the Loulan Spicy pot looked good, also I'm always up for hot pot, unfortunately the hot pot menu was not posed on the shop window.


I am more hesitant about the noodle dishes though, I don't know why but it looks like Spaghetti in some of the photos, but hopefully it is actually pulled noodles...



葱爆羊肉 for me. What's everyone else having?





In which province was this photo likely taken? (Think carefully - not as obvious as you might think)



At the dog beauty parlour

Spotted in the dog beauty parlour today (yes, they exist, yes there was a walk in wardrobe of dog clothes, no I was not a customer). Made me smile.


What's going on with 愛犬島 and the UK picture? Am I meant to understand the UK is "isle of dog lovers"?



Political Sloganeering in the Mountains

I saw many slogans like this written on the side of the hills and mountains while cycling through the 甘孜 Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province last spring:




This one says "感党恩  爱祖国  奔小康". Roughly translated: "Be grateful to the party, love your country, strive to be middle-class". I noticed it when I went with a friend to look for a valuable type of caterpillar fungus, called 虫草. There were also a large group of locals there, all looking to 奔小康 by finding the fungus and then selling it in the market (apparently, a single large piece can fetch potentially fetch several hundred RMB). Unfortunately, despite the encouragement of the mountainside slogan, my friend and I both left empty handed.


Future grammar

When the yellow light lighting the door dooring. Simple! 


Surprising (or not) that the Beijing subway still has these kinds of errors. 



Could you defeat a tiger with a phone in your hands?

This fourth and final entry in the anti-mobile phone campaign on the Chongqing subway takes the famous "Wu Song Defeats the Tiger" (武松打虎) story from the The Water Margin (水浒传) as its subject.












It says when the ferocious tiger ("吊睛白额猛虎") attacks ("袭"), the warrior is busy playing with his phone ("好汉却在玩手机"). It goes on to state that the hero has become a phone zombie/idiot ("打虎英雄变手机痴汉"), and asks how he can allow himself to become so absorbed with his phone during such a vital moment ("紧要时刻怎轻易低头?"). As with the previous three adverts, it requests that people use their phones wisely ("请合理正确使用手机"), so as not to endanger their health and safety ("为了自身的安全与健康").


Three, Random

Don't have anything ideal for the quiz format handy, so I'm just putting up a few random signs I've snapped over the last week or two. Feel free to come up with your own questions, or just do your best do decipher them with your dictionaries, wits and elite Chinese skills. Or translate them. Or have them tattooed on your upper arm.


Nine Beijing Snacks

One for gluttons today - an opportunity to drool over some (admittedly small) images of delicious Beijing 小吃. The street-side menu lists nine scrumptious snacks, all you have to do is match them up with the thumbnail images I robbed off the Internet. Assume the menu is numbered 1 to 9 left to right, so if you think the first one is Snack B, you have 1. B. etc.

A bit of a hint:

Google Images is your friend - it was certainly mine

and a lot of a hint for those who can't be bothered looking up the characters the hard way:

麻豆腐, 羊蝎子, 顿板筋, 菜团子, 糊塌子, 炒窝头, 炒疙瘩, 窝头片, 褡裢火烧

I had to cheat slightly on one of the images - I'm sure you'll forgive me. The letters for each image are in the filename, mouseover to see it.



Just in case anyone happened to be passing.

1) Which two vehicles were involved?

2) Who was injured?

3) Who should witnesses contact?

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