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Restaurant Menu: Guiyang 2011

This place was a pretty basic operation.  The 老板 saw me taking a photo of their wall menu (with a camera! not a smartphone) and told me to hang on a minute while he went in the back to fish out one of these.


You kind of get the feeling they made the table and then just came up with dishes until it was filled up.




If only I knew then what I know now... I'd be all over the 折耳根炒腊肉



I went by train to recce a place where I will have to go to later, and on my way back I stopped at my university to take a look. These are the pictures I took during the journey. Nothing particularly interesting. I like that window slogan (that is the spirit of an ideal man haha) and the plants behind the banner. And don't you find all those rules at the pond amusing?

This is not relevant to the pictures. I could not find my university when I arrived at the University train station. I saw a bus terminus, a Hyatt hotel next to a brand new building but I could not see Chung Chi College or the New Asia and United water towers. Of course soon I found out that I had exited on the other side of the station. I had not been there for over a decade and I no longer know the place. Sigh.


Ireland's Potatos

A fine bit of marketing blarney.

1) What two things would an Irishman not joke about?

2) What two things does the company want to bring to the young of Taiwan?

and, er,

3) Which former US Vice-President am I emulating?



If only traffic rules in English speaking countries were presented in iambic pentameter.

Reduce each line to a simple English statement, and find the mathematical error.



Here's one with actual questions!

What event has promoted this trip?

What means of transport is to be used?

What two destinations are named?

Who is eligible to attend?

Are you too late?


Fishy business

There were two words here I hadn't seen before. What were they.

And in case I forget to come back and tell you, they were . . .


Apologies, as usual, for the quality.



Today's mission: Identify the party responsible for this and report him or her to the relevant local police station. Bonus points for anyone who comes up with the scribblers weblog, QQ number or similar info.

It's a 1999 note, and it may have spent some time making its way from the scene of the crime to Beijing, so the culprit may have moved on. Do not let this stop you. Do not give up. Do not lose heart. Justice must be done.


Communist cu...sssh, just come and look . . .

Quicky for you from the streets of Beidaihe, sent to us by some bloke called Imron.

1) This message has been posted by who, and criticizes what?

2) The bottom line is a bit difficult to read - can you make it out?

3) That last four letter phrase looks like it's either a variant or a mistake - what's the more common version?

4) Will all your answers result in us getting banned?


Two On The Wall

A mere six characters here, and you shouldn't even need to look them all up.

First, which service does the sign refer to, and what has the business recently done.

Second, what gets delivered into the blue box?


China Dolls

This is quite a fun one to read, have left it at full size as there's an awful lot of detail. No questions, just see how much of it you can read and if you can figure out what the point of the poster is - if you want to make things considerably easier, start from the bottom. Direct link to the image.



I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art today and took this picture at the entrance of an exhibition of Wu Guanzhong's paintings. I like Wu's paintings very much, but he passed away in June this year. Before his death he donated many of his works to the museum, thus the exhibition.

See if you can understand what's in the photo.

Here is a 2004 thread on the artist -> Controversial and Billionaire painter


Lazy Admin

Every time I walk past this I think 'must look up that first character, which looks like it will be pronounced something like ge but may well not be' but I never actually bother. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to look the darned thing up.


This Sofa Is Not For Sitting

I'm always amazed by the ability of Chinese people of a certain age to sleep in (often very noisy) public places. The newly opened Harbin Ikea in particular is heaven for those 大妈s looking for a quick power nap. However, even the most intrepid wouldn't dare sleep on this one. It's an upturned sofa/chair being used to cover up a collapsed manhole cover near my apartment:




 It says 井盖塌陷  注意安全. While it's an unconventional use of furniture, it does the trick.






I am recycling my older photos posted on the original signese dot com.

What do the notices say?

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