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Yammie Lam,HongKong actress living her life her way

Enjune Zhang


Yammie Lam,HongKong actress living her life her way


It was in November 2018 that I read her story on newspaper. She was found dead in her shabby department alone, without no one knowing that she slipped and fell over in the bathroom until days later.

Her death brings about various news about her while she was still alive. They all focus on how beautiful and talented she was at her early age, and what kind of hard life she had been struggling through when she was claimed to be a psychopath.

She has been through a lot, the suppression by TVB, the personal injury when she was filming in Taiwan, car accident, sexual assault, myoma, etc . She could have been living a more decent life if she stopped fighting with what she thought is wrong. She refused all the things against her mind and principle. 

Her pretty face and fascinating smile remind me of my childhood memory of those famous TV series. There was glow shinning like stars in her eyes. Every role she played she told the story vivid enough for people to cherish in their memory. Although it is a pity that I learn her name after she passed away, her face makes it filling my mind with all the scenes where she had once been sparkling like fire.







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