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Chinese in 柬埔寨 🇰🇭




In Cambodia jian3pu3zhai4 at the moment. We were at Angkor Wat the other day and I  overheard somebody listening to Chinese vocabulary. It was a local Cambodian guy, I asked him if he was learning Chinese. He was. We had a little conversation in Chinese and I found it quite amusing to chat with him. I think we were roughly the same level.


I've also taken my mother in law to the grocery store and as we chat about what we're buying, other shoppers seem quite interested in us lol. Maybe they think we have the "you know what". We've been out for over a month and we don't thankfully. There's a lot of Chinese characters around on signs, some stores actually take Rmb and the souvenir stall type people have the basic bargaining in Chinese down. One woman was saying 五块 when she clearly meant 五十块。 And there pronunciation seems mostly just passable.


I've also seen quite a few private homes with the Chinese door decoration (don't know the name for that).


Lately Ive been doing about 3 hrs a day of very relaxed study with this period of free time.


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