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Loads of free time to study lately




Time to get this back up to date. After spending a couple months in SE Asia and studying just a little everyday, it's amazing how just being back in country (days before the border closure) raised my motivation. With only a little work to do, and from home, I've spent loads of time on Chinese study. It's pretty cool to have hours and hours to study whatever i want I am using lots of different resources, but all at a similar level: 3 lessons a week with my teacher online doing CME, Chinesepod, Chinese Breeze, Mandarin Corner, Growing Up with Chinese, etc. No flashcards or vocab lists. I think i've raised my vocab and grammar flexibility by a good chunk in the last few months. I've also been weening myself off pinyin.




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Great post. I've loved it this year. COVID has given me the time to restore my passion for my Chinese, something I hadn't really done since 1999. We've been lucky over here i nNZ with COVIOD and are now free of the various, albeit probably temporarily. Although it's great to be back at work it does mean that I now have far less time for study. I';m taking the bold step of enrolling ope a 300 level paper at Massey University in Chinese translation so that will force me to keep it going. I've loved popping into this site every day since I re-found it. Some great, helpful posters on here.

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