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How I'm going to use my speaking recordings




So I found a teacher on Italki and sent him the first of these recordings. I found a male with good standard pronunciation who is not very expensive. I told him i didn't want a lesson, but rather use the time to listen, correct any grammar, vocab or pronunciation mistakes. I also asked him to send back a recording of him saying the same (corrected version) dialog in his natural speaking voice and normal speed. I will then use this to shadow and work on better sentence intonation, speed, etc.



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I was actually thinking about this a couple of days ago. I remembered reading someone called Olle Kjellin who advocates chorusing - which I think would be different to shadowing because he says he finds people learn much better when speaking at the same time as a small group of others, rather than just a single voice. What I was pondering was whether one could get a native speaker to repeat the same phrase at roughtly the same cadence a 4 or 5 times, then get them to play at the same time, to create the same effect. But I thought the hassle of fiddling around with audio files etc would probably end up wasting too much time.


Olle Kjellin in fact turned up on the forums once: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/8213-near-native-foreign-accents


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