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What a strange season this has been.  I'm not really sure what to write, as our whole semester has been online.  I feel like I my improvement was minimal due to the online classes, and the format in which they came.


Speaking was done as an interactive online class, and so that was actually not bad.  But a lot of the other classes were prerecorded lectures, with a few questions to follow, in order to check that we had been listening.  The hardest class we had was 文学,and I got next to nothing out of it, because it was basically a teacher talking at us for a couple of hours, without any interaction.  I feel this class would have been really good if it was in person.  A lot of class time I just spent reading and doing flashcards, so that I was at least getting some self study in.


Overall this semester has been far from ideal, but I do feel there has been some small improvement at least, and was happy to get through 《三体》,which I will do my thesis on next year.  As far as getting back to China goes, I have absolutely no idea (nor do I think anyone else really does) as to when/how this will happen.  If the next semester starts online, I struggle to understand how we would be able to go back before it ends.  The logistics of trying to switch from online classes to actual classes, while international students are all having to book flights to get back, along with going through a two week quarantine, just seems like too much of a headache.  I imagine it would be much wiser to do it during a break. 


Anyway, not much to report this time unfortunately.  We have our final 4 week semester now - today is the last day of class, then 2/3 pieces of homework/papers over the next 3 weeks before we finish for the summer.  Watch this space to see what happens next!


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