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Stop Thief



Summer vacation was coming. Our teacher asked us to help our parents with housework.  I promised my mother that I would do the housework once a day.

One day, I was walking in the street, holding a bottle of oil I had just bought. Suddenly I caught sight of a young man who was running fast with a purse in his hand. “Stop thief! stop thief!” cried a woman, running after him. At once I knew what had happened. An idea flashed through my mind. In no time I threw the bottle at the young man. The bottle fell to the ground and broke. The thief couldn’t stop himself and slipped on the oil and the broken bottle. Together with some nearby people, I rushed up and put my hands on the young man. A policeman came and caught him. The woman got back her purse. Many good words were said to me. I felt quite happy.

I walked home with great pleasure. No sooner had I opened the door than I heard a voice, ” Be quick, bring me the oil! I am cooking!” “Oil?” My God! I had forgotten about it completely!

Stop Thief




我心情愉快的走回家,一开门就听到:“快点,把油给我!我正在做饭!”“油?” 天哪!我把它忘的一干二净!


You can read this blog at here too: https://chinesegirl.me/stop-thief/


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