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A few weeks of glossika



Six weeks of Glossika. What have I learnt?


it takes a long time to enter the Glossika sentences from pdf to an excel spreedsheet. This the time limiting step.

I had to clean up the anki pack as there were some mistakes in transferring the sentences. Because I reloaded the data again from the beginning, I got extra doses of the simple sentences. However, this did mean getting more reciting practice. 

Although I started anki to get some practice with pronunciation, thinking about grammatical structures is getting easier.


Been though about 250 sentences so far and managing to keep on top of things. 




Recommended Comments

1) finished transferring the rest of the 3000 sentences including pinyin into excel and then 1000 sentences anki. The rate limiting step was getting the sentences formatted into excel. Getting these inidividual sentences into anki with the audio is relatively quick.

2) had delays due to work and busy schedule.

3) listening exercises in chinese are considerably easier 

4) doing translation from English to Chinese is pretty hard after the initial 300 sentences.


Should I be sticking to just listening to Chinese, be content in understanding and then shadow the sentences or take the time in to work through going through cards that test translating English into Chinese ? The second option is a lot harder.

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Finally got through the 500 sentences translating English to Chinese. My writing is a bit better sending messages to people but my speaking is still a bit meh. It went very slowly. The next five hundred sentences are a bit more complex so I think I will just listen, comprehend, shadow and look at the English translation.


Now transferred 2150 sentences into anki. Also picked up some errors.


Training subsections of 50 sentences at a time seems to make the process more manageable.

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