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More traffic nonsense



First offering from new contributor Chris today. Chris has been trying very hard over the last few weeks to come up with something suitable, but unfortunately kept on messing it up. He's finally managed it, so a big round of applause for him!

1) Which two traffic management . . er . . things . . . are mentioned on the banner?

2) Briefly explain what the 知荣辱 (thanks Skylee!) refers to.

3) What can you do and buy on the road behind?


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traffic light and crosswalk

2. I'm having difficulty defining 荣辱.

Here are some of the definitions I've seen:

"glory and dishonor" and "honor or disgrace".


I can have my bike fixed while buying fresh flowers. I'll pass on going to the camera store.

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There is this common saying 衣食足而知榮辱 (from Shiji), i.e. When you are clothed and have enough to eat then you can talk about honour and shame.

The term I use for the second traffic management . . er . . thing is different -

zebra crossing

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So what does the sign mean?

红路灯下知荣辱 斑马线上见文明

Under the traffic light know honor or disgrace, on the crosswalk know culture?

Is it urging people to obey the light and use the crosswalk?

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Look at it this way -

Under the traffic light, show that you know what is honour and shame.

On the zebra crossing, demonstrate that you are civilised.

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So 見 here is more like, what... 讓見? 讓看? At any rate: "show".

I was wondering what a spotted horse was. Didn't think it was stripes. This one had me utterly confused. It seems like there were lots of abbreviations.

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