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Police Station Idioms




It's often hard to entertain yourself while hanging around in a police station. So why not see what plausible explanations you can come up with (using your no doubt extensive knowledge of Classical Chinese) for the four idioms,four character phrases, or whatever you want to interpret them as, we can invent here:





Allow me to start:

1) Used to describe an efficient organization, where both people (人) and machinery and equipment (物) does (办) exactly as they say (说)

Or perhaps you can think of something better.



Recommended Comments

I'm so confused. I don't have a shot at the Chinese, and I don't know what's misleading about anything. Unless the first one really means something like

"we'll do what you say," as in "we'll listen to your advice."

Then I'll feel a little better. :) But I doubt it. Doesn't seem like 人物 has that meaning (I haven't looked it up yet).

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OK let me try

1)人物说办 - abbreviation of 國家大人物說的事

2)要要话事 - short form of 政要要人講中所指的

3)精整和公 - acronym of

4)神洁气道 - a slogan meaning 炯炯有又有士就是硬

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Following Roddy's lead, I'll do #2 and #4.


"Your wants reflect who you are" -- every want ("要要") says ("话") something about you ("事").


"Will someone clean our heating system!!" -- Oh god! ("神"), it's filthy, someone clean ("洁") the flues ("气道")!

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Well, now that Outofin has straightened things out, I think I can at least make sense out of it.

Be courteous to others. Keep things in order. Speak in a kind manner. Do things fairly.

Now I get why skylee said roddy was being misleading. Tricky roddy. At any rate, I think I like jbradfor's 神洁气道 interpretation better than the real one. haha

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Riiiight, now it's starting to make so much more sense, this whole flow. Forgive me, I threw up the shield and armor and turned my head when I saw "Classical Chinese". Pavlovian reaction, you know.

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Yeah, I was wondering why Roddy typed in the Chinese that was on the sign in the intro. First time he's done that, should have been a clue to not trust him....

@Glenn, what's wrong, you don't like my translation of #2? :P

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Fff,I can‘t find anything humorous to write about 精整和公 XD。Closest thing I got (though it's not funny)is:

"The essence (精) of neatness (整) is always with (和) the public (公)." Like I said, it sucks.

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