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《便利店人間》作者:村田沙耶香 Convenience Store Woman by Murata Sayaka





My HSK level 4.5  
Book title and author 便利店人間 村田沙耶香
Origin country Japan  
Traditional/Simplified Traditional  
Pages 207  
Paper/E-book Paperback  
Translated to English (Yes/No) Yes  
English title Convenience Store Woman Murata Sayaka
Approximate comprehension level 94%  
Approximate hours to complete 21  
Start date 05/04/2021  
Completion date 25/04/2021  
Short paragraph of what it’s about The book tells the story of a woman who works at a convenience store in Japan for 18 years who, from what I can deduce, seems to have symptoms of autism. She deals with it in a very interesting way and seems to be handling her life fine, but people around her keep pushing her to be "normal". She eventually tried to comply but it actually makes her life worse.
Short comment I really like this book. It shows how weird the so called "normal" people are. It is interesting to see how 2 people who were dealt similar cards in life deal with it in a very different manner. I also love how Japanese books, movies etc describe mundane everyday things in such great details. This book describes the running of a convenient store in details and I just love it. I can literally see myself at a Family Mart/7 Eleven and having 「古倉惠子」serves me at the till and tells me about the hot dog special offer. Even though from reading the summary it sounds like a pretty simple story but there are actually a lot of words I had to look up and it's not as easy to comprehend as I thought.


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