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Learn Chinese in China

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Day 11 - LWT and Coursera FTW :)



Today's hours -> 2.8

Well I've finally caught up updating so log is now current :) After yesterday's good mock tests, I am wondering if I cant even just go for HSK 3? More research needs to be done, regardless I registered for it... I'll pay if it seems feasible LOL :D 

  1. Spent too much time setting up learning with texts, but that's now done, also discovered opLingo.com for reading help. Lets see if I can begin to use the characters I know in context.
    1. Spent about 15 minutes reading, found some beginner texts and am getting around 50% on first try.
    2. Added new resource links to my notion
    3. Wondering if  I should record my passive learning time i.e. Chinese drama and cpop music... I could hear some words yesterday in the drama -> so totally cool :)
  2. Aim to finish one coursera course
    1. Done! took about 2 hours 40min to complete the last 3 weeks. I'm bushed.
    2. Completed the Taiwan Uni one, it was faster and loved that it was totally in Mandarin... I did notice some different words, but who cares, synonyms :) 
    3. I'll need to come back to it later, I passed the last quiz barely



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