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Day 36: Tick tock says the clock.... T minus 9 hours till the exam :)




Todays hours -> 8 a record right there!

The day of reckoning is here. A few more hours revision, sleep, last minute cramming and the exam will be written.


  1. Vocab 3 hours 10!!! Yes I got 100% on sticky study in HSK 3!!! speed is not up to par but it gives me a better chance for the reading and writing sections :) I even begun some anki sentences, better late than never LOL. And managed to keep the others green with 96% and 90% accuracy, even 86% for three!!!
  2. YouTube (courses and videos and coursera vids, exam mocks, revision) -> 5 hours... yep a ton and still a few to go. I'll get halfway through the HSK 3 course I hope before the exam.


I will tally up my hours and experiences after the exam...  or Sunday LOL we'll see :)

File 2021-06-05, 12 07 14 AM.png

File 2021-06-05, 12 08 05 AM.png



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