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2021 Week 24 - Reflections



A bit behind on reflections, I'll just make sure to post them sometime on the weekend.

  • On track with summer study plan HSK 5-wise, three chapters down. Surprised by how much of it I already know!
  • Making my way through high-frequency novel flashcards
  • LangCorrect streak still unbroken... coming up to 100 straight days between LC and Journaly this week!
  • an XYY episode a day to keep Chinese amnesia at bay
  • finished 《小布头奇遇记》! longest single book I've ever read at 60k characters! It was really rewarding, and so easy towards the end - noticed I was reading extensively at above 98% comprehension!
  • Read aloud 3 or so chapters of the above to myself
  • [F] Only half the dog walk days were podcast days. Running out of episodes for the podcast I'm listening to now (Maomi Chinese), and it's getting pretty easy now that I'm going through HSK 5 and high-frequency novel words. Any suggestions for other free podcasts in Chinese at the Intermediate level? Preferably mostly in Chinese about various topics, not discussing Chinese or breaking down a quick dialogue in English.


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