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Basic Spoken / Written Chinese and Practice book finished​ ✅​



It took me quite a while to knock these off since I only did one lesson a week with a teacher on this book. (I'm also busy working my way through Chinese Made easier - book 1 and 2 done, halfway through book 3.) I feel a sense of accomplishment having stuck with the BASIC series consistently and finishing the Spoken, Written and Practice books. I think it's a fantastic set of books and found lots that has been useful in real life. I also found it to contain quite a bit of language that I haven't come across in other places and even enjoyed some of the more "dated" vocab. The books ( especially the practice book) feels like a somewhat modernized version of FSI. I am now going to begin the Intermediate level books of the same series.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 6.30.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 6.31.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 10.21.30 PM.png


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Good work! Way to go! Doing a careful job of learning the basics, like this, can save lots of grief later. Using things in real life, the way you have done with this material, really makes it sink in and become an excellent foundation. 

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You're right in considering this series as an updated version of the FSI series. The author was one of the participants in writing the original FSI course. I think you'll enjoy the intermediate level texts, and you'll find more than enough practice material. In fact, there's so much that maybe a third of it is not in the books, but provided on CDs and DVDs that accompany the texts.



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