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Challenge 2: Reading and writing level up! Day 1



So to get going again I am starting a new challenge. I've had a 3 week break so it's time to consolidate and build up areas that I did not focus on before. I will also be beginning Korean this month but real slow. I know my target speeds are ambitious... but that's what makes it a challenge :)

Challenge 2: Reading and writing level up!

  • handwriting and typing all HSK3 600 characters in 1 month :) -> target speed of 40 characters per minute
  • and reading well, to read an HSK 3 book by month end -> target speed of 40 characters per minute


Today I was gathering materials and making a game plan.

  • Found tons of writing practice PDF's
  • work on minimum 20 characters a day, writing, typing
  • I will finish the HSK 3 course on coursera.
  • I will work on Hello Chinese again, use sticky study ever so often to keep my vocab.
  • My English typing is slow so I'll be training to touch type as well, else I'll never get to typing 40 chars a minute
  • I'm going through character book reviews to see if I'll like to use any of them
  • I will use learning with texts - I'll use a lot of songs I've come to love and poetry and idioms, yes this will be extra vocab that I don't know but I enjoy the material more so...
  • I will use new reading sites e.g. little fox, chairmans bao, duchinese, dong chinese
  • join the tadoku reading challenge
  • also add anki sentences into the mix


Worked on the first 20 characters.


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Learning to write 600 characters in a month sounds like a serious challenge — are you planning to use software such as Tofulearn or Skritter to help you?


I used Skritter when I first started learning Chinese, but found that it was slowing me down way too much in learning the vocab, so I stopped using it. 

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@mungouk  Yes I agree, I figure an app will be too slow too, so I will use pdf's on my tablet and good old fashioned paper :) The first hundred will be a  breeze, it's after that, that I'm going to struggle so I'm going to really try to front load :) Also trying to see how best to record my progress, probably photos of my writing i guess, and I'm wondering how much to repeat, as in do I want to rewrite all i have already learned daily? We'll see how it pans out.

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I didn't mean that apps themselves slow you down, it's just that there's so much more information to learn for writing Hanzi (strokes and stroke order) compared to knowing the pinyin and typing them using an IME. It's a very big difference in learning. 


So how are you intending to objectively measure your ability to write accurately?


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Objectively is going to be hard, I'm looking for legibility and will get a few friends to read and see if they can, and I'll also try and write down vocab dictation at like half speed and see how well I do :) If you have ideas on how to measure less subjectively I'm all ears :)

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