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2021 Summer Holiday - Progress Reflection



At the beginning of my summer holiday, two and a half months ago, I set myself some goals. Let's take a look at what I've accomplished since then.


- Learn between 1/2 and all of the HSK 5 vocab through flashcards and going through the textbook + workbook.

- Completed. Did 1/3 of HSK textbook + workbook chapters, but reckon I know ~80% of the vocabulary.

- Daily LangCorrect journalling.

- Failed, I didn't have access to a computer for nearly a month due to circumstances out of my control. In total, perhaps half the summer days had journals.

- Watch one season of XYY (sixty episodes).

- Completed. This cartoon series is fun and comprehensible, this wasn't much work at all.

- Read 3-4 novels.

- Far and away completed! I probably read more like eight or nine novels this summer holiday - 6 of which were from the excellent Xiao Mao Riji Series.

- Add 300+ words to my flashcards outside of the HSK.

- Yes, probably like half a thousand added from reading. A hundred or so new words learned through Anki too.


Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my progress. Although I didn't study for nearly as many hours a day (usually 1-3) as I'd hoped, I still accomplished most of my objectives and felt a real increase in my Chinese level. My pronunciation has also improved dramatically, since I've been practicing shadowing and relearning the tones for words I didn't know them for.


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