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Got lemons?




If you have a ____________ you can go to ____________ and when you buy any one of _____________, ________________, or ______________ (good luck translating those) you get a _______________ for the price of a _____________ .

There's a couple of company names in there - plug one into Google and you should find the English name easy enough, the other you can translate easy enough. Skip the drinks names if you like.



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If you have a

优惠券 -- coupon

I know it's silly to only do one, but I just learned that word three days ago, and now I actually see it on a real sign! [i also just learned 凭, and there it is too!]

It's the little victories like these that keep me going B)

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If you have a

Watson's (屈臣氏) coupon -- I'm pretty embarrassed I forgot Watson's Chinese name, I love that place, it's like a little bit of home whenever I go to Hong Kong. [Which, I realize, is a rather stupid sentence, as it's a Hong Kong company, it just feels so western to me.....]

you can go to

快乐柠檬 -- happy lemon

and when you buy any one of

punt for now, but I got the green tea part

(good luck translating those) you get a

标升大 -- large?

for the price of a

small? I don't see this anywhere, just guessing?


Oh, and I assume 活动时间 is the validity period. Don't recall seeing that, but it seems obvious from the context.

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You have really polite ways to say "BUZZZ! Wrong again!".

I have no idea on that 标升大. Have to wait for someone smarter. Unless 标 here means prize, but then the 升大 makes no sense.

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AH! That makes sense. So here,

标 means regular, not small

That, I probably should have been able to figure out....

[bTW, why was the spoiler icon changed to a twitter icon?

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Hmmm, looks like the spoiler button died. I shall see if I can't resuscitate it later.

Stuff like 标升大 can be tricky to parse - painfully obvious when you know, but otherwise . . .

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Just to finish this off...

The three drinks are

岩盐芝士绿茶 -- salty cheese green tea??? UGH! UGH!

小紫苏柠檬蜜 -- basil(?) lemon honey?

翡翠柠檬菠萝冻 -- jade(?) lemon pineapple freeze. [That doesn't sound too bad....]

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冻 can sometimes be jelly - ie 果冻. I wouldn't want to say what this actually is without seeing one though.

The rock salt cheese one does sound bizarre - I'm upstairs from there now, perhaps I should try one? There's a review here if you want some extra reading credit.

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