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If you're surprised by the fact that 20% of the signs featured here are about matters of the toilet, please don't be. I merely present a representative sample of those signs available to be snapped on Beijing's streets.

This one's a bit manic, I suspect it may have been written by someone who'd just stepped, yet again, in a Pekingese's little leavings. See what you can make of it.

The very top line I'm fairly sure has a 错别字, although I'm not 100% as I could be misreading the characters somehow.




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But this is handwritten, right? Is using a homophone a common error in handwritten Chinese? I always assumed it would be more common in a phonetic (e.g. pinyin) based computer IME, but don't really have any evidence to back me up.

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Not sure if you'd call it common, but it certainly happens - you don't, for example, know which character the yuàn you use in speech is. See also the 务/勿 mix up some time back.

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