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4上 to 下



Finally finished Hsk-4上. Took me six months. That's a bit slow but I'm simultaneously studying the Chinese Made Easier 4 book and almost halfway through that as well. The CME and Hsk series have a different focus, but also overlap in many places. Tomorrow I will break the seal on the 4下 book. I definitely feel it's getting harder, but not overly difficult, so I think Im at my sweet spot.



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I used that "Chinese Made Easier" series of textbooks and found that they had a pleasantly-gradual increase in difficulty. On the other hand, at another school, another time and place, I used the Boya series. I remember a big, sudden jump at one point in the second or third year. It was as though Team One wrote the first few books, then handed the project over to Team Two without much collaborative discussion about the various levels. Threw me for a loop and took a while to overcome. Lots of tearing my hair and swearing ensured. Fortunately, I had a good teacher.  

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