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Today's mission: Identify the party responsible for this and report him or her to the relevant local police station. Bonus points for anyone who comes up with the scribblers weblog, QQ number or similar info.

It's a 1999 note, and it may have spent some time making its way from the scene of the crime to Beijing, so the culprit may have moved on. Do not let this stop you. Do not give up. Do not lose heart. Justice must be done.



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This is difficult for me because I'm terrible at reading Chinese handwriting. I think it'd be easier if I could actually see the note as some of the writing is difficult to make out. Anyway, this is what the characters look like to me:



The red characters are probably wrong, others may be too. There is no county in Rizhao that has a name that seems to fit with what's written. Either I'm being stupid, the place is fictional, or it's a local name. Grade 24 doesn't seem likely either, though google does include a "莒南一中24级7班", which is in a neighbouring 市 to Rizhao, so perhaps grade 24 is possible.

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Here is my guess:



I have admit that I cheated with google, or I would never be able to figure out the name of the place.

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