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I went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art today and took this picture at the entrance of an exhibition of Wu Guanzhong's paintings. I like Wu's paintings very much, but he passed away in June this year. Before his death he donated many of his works to the museum, thus the exhibition.

See if you can understand what's in the photo.

Here is a 2004 thread on the artist -> Controversial and Billionaire painter



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To my surprise, I think I can actually get some of it.

獨本橋 is, I assume, the name of a bridge.

I think it's saying 獨本橋 is the background for the work. He went over the bridge in the past. 60 years has passed (I think that's 流逝), he goes over the bridge again as an old man, and feels something towards all living things (眾生).

I know I'm off by a bit, but I'm pretty happy that I was able to get any of it. I've thought that learning to read Chinese handwriting was an impossible dream for me, but maybe there is hope for me after all!

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DOH! Well, that would explain why

  1. I couldn't find information about it.
  2. 木 makes so much more sense than 本 for a bridge
  3. There is only one horizontal stroke (横?) in it tongue.gif

That does change the meaning a lot, if it's a metaphorical bridge, not a real one.

I'll have to work on this a bit more....

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So here is my second attempt

独木桥发一背影, 过桥[1]远去, 不知走向何方。 60年岁目[2]流逝, 他又回到[3]了独木桥, 老了, 伤了, 走上桥, 面向众生。

[1] the left-side looks more like 手 to me, not 木, but 挢 makes no sense here (to me), so I'm sticking with 桥.

[2] what is the 目 doing here? At first I read it as "60 year old eyes", but that's doesn't seems to work with the following 流逝.

[3] I really can't read this one, but 到 is the only character I can think of that makes sense to me.


"Being alone" provides the background for these works. Even after he finds his place within society, he still didn't know which direction to travel. 60 years passes, he again finds himself alone, old, and in poor health, but in doing so, he faces (understands?) all living creatures.

To my uneducated eye, the handwriting is very interesting. It is obviously rather messy, and the proportions are "wrong" in sevearl characters (e.g. 众), but there is still a certain grace to it.

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