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Some random pictures




I took these last weekend. That triangle sign, I just don't understand why we need it, and would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me. And the red sign reminded me of a poem of 李白. Which one do you think it was? The last one is the name of a ruin up on a hill.




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There is certainly no lack of fog up at the peak. Or maybe I just have really really bad luck, as the couple of times I've been to the peak recently every single time there was lots of fog.

But I agree with you, one should be able to see for oneself that there is fog and not need a sign....

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I do agree though, 膠樽 is an awfully poetic way to say 寶特瓶.

Well this is why I like Cantonese so much. :D

Yes, that is the poem. It is quite obvious, isn't it?

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