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You know where this place is, don't you?

When I first saw this tram I was quite surprised as the Chinese name was right on the first car. It took me a few attempts to take this picture, as I guess there is only one like this and I am not the kind who has a camera in hand ready to take pictures all the time. As far as I know there are different Chinese versions of the city's name. But if this name is good enough for the city it is good enough for me. (But I can't explain why I feel differently about Seoul's Chinese name.)

An irrelevant question - why do Asian (Japanese, Hong Kong, Taiwan) young people (or younger people) like to take pictures of the food they order with sophisticated big cameras in restaurants? Is it just to show off their cameras?


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I couldn't for the life of me figure out what "Hán​​wéi​lì​yà​" could be until I realized that the first character is 塞 and not 寒.

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Jbradfor, am I right to assume that you know where the place is?

And has anyone noticed anything wrong with the characters?

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Sure. I haven't been there (or to Spain at all), but I've heard of it. I think I know where you are going with this: why does a tram in Spain have the city name in Chinese? I have no idea. For Spring Festival?

For the second character, maybe they didn't want to take a stand on Traditional vs Simplified, so just dropped the part that differs? [The last character ruins that theory.....]

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It is more likely to show off the food to friends when they go back I suppose? I take pictures of food I have sometimes too but with the camera on my crappy mobile...

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Or maybe they want the picture as a memory for their trip. Some of the meals I've had while traveling have been the highlights of the trip.

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