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Some random pictures again




I am back from a short trip to Shanghai and these are two of the pictures I took during a visit to the China Pavilion of the Expo 2010 site.

Observation 1 - I wonder if everyone (e.g. Chinese learners and users of simplified script) sees what Chinese character the logo next to the words "中國館" represents ...

Observation 2 - the name of the kid who did that painting is quite unusual in my opinion. I had never seen such a surname before, and the given name is just too good. Your view?



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I like #1 a lot. After you pointed it out I saw it pretty quickly, but I think had I been there looking around I would have missed it. Looks a bit like a tree to me.

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I said, "I had never seen such a surname before". This is not quite accurate. In Hong Kong, some women have officially changed their names after marriage by adding the husband's surname before their original names. Examples include 陳方安生, 范徐麗泰 etc.

But the kid was only nine years old so my guess is that her parents have combined their surnames and created a new surname for her. It is not uncommon at all using both the parents' surnames in a child's name. An example is 龍應台. But 龍應台''s surname is 龍, not 龍應.

I have found this 姓名登记条例, which says "第八条 公民应当随父姓或者母姓。允许采用父母双方姓氏。" Perhaps I was just 少見多怪.

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