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Signs taken at hometown part 2




Maybe someone has posted similar photos before but I'd add a few questions with this one:

1.How many different services can you identify?

2.Where do you think it is most likely to be taken?

Sorry for the large size of the picture (1200X1600) but some interesting (at least I thought they are :P) details would have been missing if it had been resized any smaller.



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Looks like drains are big a problem in Yibin.

It is a problem of a lot of places in China, together with many other problems. BTW, mobile phone numbers will only tell you the prefecture but not the exact county they have been allocated to, so this picture may not have been taken in Yibin after all... :P By where I did not mean the geographical location but places such as in the street, in a hospital/police station/jail, inside of a toilet, etc. Sorry for the ambiguity.

And no one seems to be interested in this round's questions at all. Maybe all of you have seen too much of this everyday I suppose. :P

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"so this picture may not have been taken in Yibin after all."

Thanks for the smiley and all, but was it taken in "Yibin" or was it not? ("Yibin" is the name of the prefecture, as well as the name of a smaller county within the prefecture, as well as the name of the traditional urban core of the prefecture.)

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Yes and no.The name of the county where the prefecture government located is known as Cuiping Qu (qu is of the same administrative level as county). The is also Yibin county which is next to, but not the same as, Cuiping Qu, of which the local government is located at Boxi Zhen. There are more details both on Wiki and Baidu which you may be interested in. So this picture was actually taken in Cuiping Qu, Yibin Prefecture.

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For some odd reason, you're being downright silly here.

"Cuiping Qu" is the administrative name for the district in which the urban core of Yibin is located. (It's not a "county" any more than Haidian or Chaoyangmen in Beijing.) If you get off the train at Yibin Station, right in the heart of Yibin, you're in Cuiping Qu. Outside Sichuan, try to buy a train ticket to "Cuiping Qu" or tell friends you're headed there, and you'll get some strange looks.

In normal English and Chinese parlance, the picture was taken in Yibin.

First you change your question, then you play games with the answer; ain't the way to run a little contest here.

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"For some odd reason, you're being downright silly here."

I suspect he was expecting people to say 'in a stairwell' rather than debate geography. If you take fun too seriously it does get silly.

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