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Why is 腮 so easy to learn?




For some reason, I found 腮 easy to learn. Saw it once, haven't gotten it wrong yet while SRS-ing. Even the pronunciation, which is a bit weird as the phonetic part, 思, is not that close to sāi​.

And yet, there are other characters I can see 50 times and still not remember their meaning or pronunciation -- or both!

Just one of those things about learning Chinese I don't understand.


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月 = one of the first characters and roots people learn - when everything Chinese is new and shiny and you copy each new character 20 to 50 times for several days on end.

思 = made up of two of the most basic roots, and again it was among the first 50 characters I learnt (and mixed up many times with 意! so it is likely to stick after correcting myself so many times).

I too was surprised to learn 腮 so easily.

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