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Osama Bin Laden




This is rare, in this age of telecommunications where people receive news on their cell phones, computers or on TV/radio almost instantly. I got this at about 4PM today whereas the announcement was made at 11AM (Beijing time). So it had taken about five hours for this news to reach me. Not too bad for paper medium.

The last time I saw such a thing I was in Tokyo. That day a man stabbed many people dead in Akihabara, thus the paper.

So what is this piece of paper called?

In it there is a term which is seldom used nowadays - 伏法. What does it mean?

I used an envelope to cover a gruesome picture.



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You will not believe it, but this is the first I heard of it! So that's how I get my news, via Hong Kong papers...

MDBG defines 伏法

as to be executed

-- is there a more common term?

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Taiwan's MOE 國語辭典 defines it as 犯罪受到制裁,處了死刑, and that's it, so I'd assume not.

Man, CCTV13 sure did show that gruesome picture for a while, although they did put a digital mask on it to censor it. Thanks, 搜狗!

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