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A few Kunming signs

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Really? Man, I wonder why it seems I've come across it so frequently... Although I never quite remember the reading. pao4? pao2? I'm going to have to look it up again. (Drat, pao1)

By the way, why does throwing an embroidered ball mean to choose a husband? Was that an old custom or something? Still a custom in some places? Seems similar to 戴綠帽子...

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戴绿帽 is not exactly a custom but rather a euphemism. As for 抛绣球, you may want to have a read of this.

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Thanks for the link, xiaocai! I'll have to read through it more thoroughly later when I have more time, but I made it through the introduction. :D

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Ha, I think the intro is good enough, the stories following are a bit of non-sense... :P But some people may find them fun to read.

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Yeah, I guess the important part is 姑娘抛出的绣球,代表着姑娘的心,用彩绣做成的绣球,是中国民间常见的吉祥物, right? And that's the first sentence!

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