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My summer job started really early this year so I need to study for the final exams while i work (12 hours shifts drains your energy). I took a few hours off prepping for exams and went to the local park with my camera. I met this little cute crow jumping around trying to find some food. They are usually very shy but I managed to take a nice photo of it:

photo of the crow

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That's a jackdaw.


I could not figure out what kind of bird it was. I thought it was a young crow to be honest.

I checked up the swedish name for it and it's a jackdaw for sure.

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Wah, you must have really studied birds before.

I have no idea which kind of bird that is.

But the dogs in the later pictures are cute~~

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haha, yes!

They started to fight but as they were just puppies they could not harm each other. The smallest one actually won.

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