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This was taken on a footbridge close to the place where you apply for a Chinese Visa in Wanchai, Hong Kong. :P

There is another one saying the same thing on the same footbridge. And they have been there for a while. It seems that, unlike some of the graffiti saying "Who's afraid of XXX", these graffiti have attracted no attention at all (except mine). ;)

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For a second I thought it might be a play on Rebecca Black's (hit?) song, Friday.

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What's that saying?

樂樂樂 其樂无窮 -- happy happy happy, my (his? her? its?) happiness has no bounds

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maybe the subject should be our happiness. and I think it should be translated to our happiness is infinite.

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There are at least five such graffiti (same handwriting) on the same footbridge system ( I counted today). The guy/gal was really happy.

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What an obnoxious commercial

you tell me!

imaging you grow up hearing the annoying high pitched"羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!""羊羊羊!"

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