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寧, 宁, and 㝉. Oh yeah, and 甯




Another confusing simplification.

寧 starts out bad, with two different pronunciations, nìng​ (rather / to prefer) and

níng​ (peaceful), with the latter more common in place names.

The simplified form of 寧 is 宁. Not too bad, just drop a couple of strokes, and the new part (丁) doesn't sound that different from 宁 (dīng vs nìng/níng​), so you got that phonetic help going for you.

Weirdly enough, 宁 is also a traditional character, although I think very rare, pronounced zhù​. For whatever reason, according to MDBG, the simplified form is 㝉! As if 丁 isn't simple enough.....

And to round out the fun, there appears to be another character 甯, also pronounced níng​ and meaning peaceful, with the simplified form of 宁. I assumed 甯 was some obscure variant of 寧, but it actually gets over 15 million hits on google.....



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汉典 says that 㝉 is a variant form of traditional 宁, instead of the officially simplified form. I don't know which explanation is more correct. 甯 is relatively common surname. Even it says that it was treated as a variant form and was then obsoleted during simplification, but many people still use it, especially on the Internet.

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To which link do you refer? I've tried to attach a screen capture of the second link. [For me, for moe.edu.tw sites, I need to explicitly change the encoding to Big5, or else everything looks bad.]

This is the only single stroke character listed under the 宀 radical, and is listed as a variant of 官.

Humm, I can't seem to figure out how to add attachments in blog comments..... I can add it to my original post.

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