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挑战#1:Indian Summer (Comic Quiz)



Read the two comic pages and answer the following questions. See if you can answer the questions without having to look at the transcript.

blogentry-38695-066754100 1313109549_thumb.jpg blogentry-38695-043296100 1313109559_thumb.jpg

  1. What crime has occurred?
  2. How was the crime committed?
  3. How does the "正是如此" Indian arrive at his conclusion?









Source: Indian Summer, by Milo Manara & Hugo Pratt


Recommended Comments

1. An Indian brother was murdered.

2. He was shot.

3. Because the perpetrator was wearing "white man's shoes", and it had to be a white man because only an idiot Indian would wear shoes so uncomfortable (deer skin shoes are much more comfortable).

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I first read 鸟意思 as something like bird-brained. But going back and looking it up, I think it might be diǎo here (also written 屌, which refers not politely to men bits), Guifan tells me this was previously a common way to curse, such as 是什么鸟东西?

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That is a really obscure usage of 鸟! But I agree with Challengemaster Gleaves's explanation. Basically the Indian who says 鸟意思 is expressing his doubt that his detective compatriot actually figured out what happened.

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Ha, I was just lazy and let it be, since it didn't seem to affect the meaning all that much. Thanks for the info!

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Crime: murder of a 'brother'

Method of crime: gunshot by a whiteman, he fired two shots, one from over here, then he climbed up the hill and fired the second.

正是如此 Indian: finds a clump of grass with the white man's shoe print, and it is infected with gunpowder that spurted at the time the gun was fired. The murderer couldn't be a northern Indian wearing a white man's shoes unless he was a particularly stupid northern indian, since the white man's shoes are much less comfortable than the northern indian's leather shoes

I totally had to look up 喷!Nice vocab

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