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Domestic Help



This is a poster advertising a range of 家政 or 'home management' services - cleaners, cooks, carers and so on. I've attached a couple of extra larger images of it as I think the chunky text and somewhat blurry photo could present problems for anyone needing to look anything up by stroke order.

It's interesting to see which services are offered and how much they cost. Bear in mind that this is not what the actual worker gets paid, the agency will be taking a cut.

Today's questions, in more or less what I think is order of difficulty.

1) Who costs more to look after, the elderly or the ill?

2) You have 1000Y. Can you afford to have your cat looked after for a week and employ a cook for a month?

3) For a non-leap year February you want to have your kids taken to and from school, your chihuahua washed weekly, and someone to come in for two hours a day Monday to Friday to help around the house. How much will it cost?

4) Which, if any, of these services are for pregnant women?

5) How much would you want paid to offer the 挤肛门线 service?

You can use spoiler tags

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to hide your answers, and if you don't want to read the discussion before answering, close your eyes and scroll down . . .


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How much would you want paid to offer the 挤肛门线 service?

They normally do it on dogs, but if you want to have a try yourself, please do share with us the outcome... :P

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Wow, I knew very little of this vocab.

My guesses:

1. the sick are more expensive (+500)?

2. I'd say no. 800 plus 210.

3. Holy math. 400, 80, 600 = 1080?

4. Not sure. Is there a lamaze coach in their somewhere? What's 月嫂?

5. Amongst other things, I learned the character 肛 today.

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So . . .

1) Sick are more expensive - 病人护理 will run you 1500 - 2500 a month, compared to 1000 - 2000 for 老人护理。

2)动物寄养 is 30 a day, 210 for the week. A cook (家庭烹饪)costs at least 800, so your budget doesn't stretch. Sorry.

3) 学生接送 is 400 a month, cleaning a small pet 20 so 80 for four weeks, then a 钟点工 for 40 hours at 15 per hour is 600. Total 1080.

4) Trick question - none. However a 月嫂 will look after a new mother as she 坐月子。

5) Points for all.

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