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Bus Audio



Moving away from the photographic today, we have a mere fifteen seconds or so of audio for you, recorded for you in the entirely authentic setting of Beijing's 107 bus.

Some questions to keep you interested . . .

1) What should all passengers do as the bus starts off?

2) Where should recently boarded passengers go?

3) What two forms of payment are mentioned, and what are the associated verbs?

4) Given that this is the east-bound 107 bus, we're in Beijing, and you have access to the Internet - what stop did you get on at?


Recommended Comments

DJ Lao Chen in da haus!

1) I'm not clear what the recording says here. Something like: "车辆起步,请付..."

2) 刚上车的乘客,请往里走。Passengers that have just boarded the bus, please walk towards the inside of the bus. (Not said, but implied "Don't trip over the suitcase that is conveniently placed in the middle of the aisle.")

3) 没卡乘客请投币。Passengers that don't have a card please pay (buy a ticket).

Not sure what she says before "东直门mei(not sure what character this is). Did you get on at 东直门外?

I look forward to hearing more phat joints from the 107 collective!

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1. Sit down.

2. Move to the 'inside' of the bus

3. card and coin. Associated verbs are 刷 (for cards) and 投 (for coins). No ticket collector on this bus.

4. 东内小街 (it would be 东直门外 if you were heading west)

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Waaa, 37 downloads and 3 responses. Oh well.

1)扶稳坐好 - hold firm and sit tight, I suppose.

2)往里走 - move inside, ie away from the doors.

3)You can 投 a 币, or 刷 your 卡。

4)We did indeed get on at 东内小街。

Not sure what she says before "东直门mei(not sure what character this is). Did you get on at 东直门外?

前方到站是东直门内 - next stop is Dongzhimennei. As we're heading east, that means we didn't get on at Dongzhimenwai, I'm afraid.

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