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Chalk Handwriting



This is a hand-writing chalked advert for a more or less medical service - how many different ailments and diseases can you identify, and which part of the body are they associated with. Good luck though, there are parts of this one I've given up on figuring out . . .


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Here's what I could find:

专业修治 specialist treatment for:

灰指甲 ringworm of the nails

甲沟炎 paronychia

嵌甲 incarnatio unguis

脚垫 callus on the sole (of the foot)

病疣 痣 ? [see below]

赵府 街63号

I think 病疣 should have been 疣病, which is verrucosis. But I can't find the last two characters in the sixth line for the life of me. More later ;)

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But I can't find the last two characters in the sixth line for the life of me.

Just in case you still can't find it...

It should be 等. Also, I think 病疣 is acceptable, which refers to wart itself. Whereas 疣病 is a more general term for this type of disease.


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xiaocai, thanks! I would never have worked those last two characters out. Can I just ask why the last character should be that one? It looks like 甘 or something to me...is there something I'm missing?

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No problem! I think it is a common shorthand used in mainland, even though personally I don't like it and will never write like that. It may have come from some 草书 font, but I am not very sure, though.

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