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my first week in china




I've been here in Beijing at Beihang University for a week now. The lectures starts on tuesday so I have had some time to explore the surrounding area and check out some markets. So far it has been a great experience and from a swedes point of view the chinese are very friendly and open for contact. I wish I had some language skills to be able to chat with people but that will change (hopefully!).

Some photos : http://www.flickr.com//photos/keithakid/sets/72157627476683131/show/



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Nice photos Keita.

So are you staying in a dorm?

What's your impression of Beihang so far?

(don't be afraid to give many details :mrgreen: )

What do you intend to do after the 1 or 2 years of Chinese language?

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abcdefg: Thank you!

edelweis: It has been really great so far. I highly recommend this school If you want a chinese speaking environment. The staff can not speak english (they do understand some of what you say though) but they are extremely helpful and they will fix any problem for you. It will not be a place for people who is looking for a good community with other foreigners though, The dorm room is ok, dirty walls and shabby bathroom, but I got my own bedroom and share the kitchen/bathroom with a really cool japanese guy. My first real day at school will be on Tuesday but I think their approach will be quite similar to other universities here. This environment makes you really get encouraged to learn some new words and phrases and head out to order food, buy stuff or just reply to some of the chinese people who start to talk to you on the streets. =)

I haven't really planned beyond the 2 years yet. It would be cool if I could stay and work after I have finished my master as a librarian, who knows.. =)

Beijing is definitely a more lively town than Stockholm.. hehe

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