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I'm making different mistakes




And I think this is a good thing.

For example, just now I read 民, and read it as ren2 (人). The character itself doesn't have much in common, but the meaning does. So I think I'm internalizing Chinese enough that I read 民, and the part of my brain related to "people" lights up, where 人 lives as well, so I confuse the two.



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I do this sometimes. I think it's because I've learnt the two characters as a word and not individual characters, and automatically pull one of them up from memory, but the wrong one. I tend to try to catch myself when I do that and consciously separate the characters in my mind after that, so I build a distinct reading-memory for each.

I can't think of a good example now though. But it normally happens if I rarely encounter the two characters outside of that particular word that I know

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I was once reading something in Japanese and came across 今日 (kyō) and read it as 今天 (jīntiān), That one threw me off for a second. I switched characters and languages, but somehow kept the register (they're both less formal words for "today"). I guess my brain thought that was the most important thing. I don't know.

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