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Somehow I got the impression that

the police write up random people but let people they know get away with worse infractions

Or something (???).

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What does 差人 mean here? It's not in MDBG. TW MOE Revised seems to say that it's some type of official officer. [i assume it's chai1ren2, not cha4ren2 here.]

If so, my guess is

A. The police

B. Corrupt police

C. Because if you file a complaint against the police, the police that handle the case are in with the guilty people, and just ignore it.

BTW, why the Japanese "の", in addition to the 的?

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It is not a Taiwan Dictionary it is Cantonese. 差人 is Cantonese for police.

Are you sure? Have you read the Taiwan MOE dictionary?

To help you, I paste below the content of the relevant entry of the Taiwan MOE Dictionary for your reference -

2. 差人

相似詞 警察、警員



PS - When I said "are you sure", I meant "are you sure it is not in the Taiwan MOE Dictionary". I have re-read yeut's post and it seems that s/he might be referring to the hyperlink not being a Taiwan dictionary. If so, that is right.

Is there a way to create a permanent link to the desired entry of the Taiwan MOE Dictionary?

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That is not a "no" in Japanese. It's 多口的

Damp police saying too much. Damp cop, go dead..... Damp. the police of complaint department help others to get rid of their accusation

The writer must be a HKer.

差人 is Cantonese for 警察。 Northern China, 警察 is 条子

同人 is Cantonese for 帮别人。

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