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Nine Beijing Snacks



One for gluttons today - an opportunity to drool over some (admittedly small) images of delicious Beijing 小吃. The street-side menu lists nine scrumptious snacks, all you have to do is match them up with the thumbnail images I robbed off the Internet. Assume the menu is numbered 1 to 9 left to right, so if you think the first one is Snack B, you have 1. B. etc.

A bit of a hint:

Google Images is your friend - it was certainly mine

and a lot of a hint for those who can't be bothered looking up the characters the hard way:

麻豆腐, 羊蝎子, 顿板筋, 菜团子, 糊塌子, 炒窝头, 炒疙瘩, 窝头片, 褡裢火烧

I had to cheat slightly on one of the images - I'm sure you'll forgive me. The letters for each image are in the filename, mouseover to see it.


Recommended Comments

I cheated, used Pleco's handwriting recognizer. Don't think I answered all the questions correctly. I think the most important thing I learned is that I need to expand my palette, my tastes have been limited to 羊肉串,牛肉面 and 鱼香肉丝.

1. b madoufu

2. e yangxiezi (lamb and scorpions?)

3. a dunbanjin

4. i caituanzi

5. d hutazi

6. h chaowotou (answer printed on the photo. thanks, needed some help!)

7. g chaogeda

8. c wotoupian

9. f couldn't read the second character clearly da(?)huoshao

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