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Available for purchase in one of our hotels during our recent trip. I think there's some useful vocabulary here :mrgreen:

This is the first hotel I've stayed in for a long time that includes condoms for purchase -- and it wasn't a particularly cheap hotel! I assume it's not part of an anti-AIDS campaign or something like that?

I also appreciate the price being labeled in four languages.


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Tee hee.

I like it how they've taken what I assume is an English word (G-spot), used the Chinese translation (G点) and then translated it as a totally different word (G-point). Highly creative or just Chinglish?

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Condoms are common in Yunnan hotel rooms, cheap places as well as expensive places. I think they actually are part of an anti-AIDS campaign here. Yunnan has a significant AIDS problem.

But I don't think it's totally a Public Health issue, insofar as various sex toys and special "extras" are often frequently for sale in hotel rooms as well as plain condoms.

Furthermore, small streets in Kunming often have condom dispensers on outside walls at unlikely "neighborhood" or "family-type" places. Not, for example, just near bars and clubs.

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