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I didn't even know this was happening.

I took these pictures today at the street level of the HSBC headquarters building in Central, Hong Kong. If you like you can read the Chinese characters in the pictures.

Follow-up - The occupation has been cleared. A photo of HSBC's notice (the last photo) is attached.


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So basically HSBC is going to start issuing RMB national bonds and some people in Hong Kong are upset by this? Did I get that right?

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The two events are not related.

Apparently the occupation has been going on for months.

PS - Since when exactly? Anyone?

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Since Oct 15? That's pretty easy.

I'm heartened to see even Chinese hippies like bongos.

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I walked past the same place yesterday. The place was no longer occupied by the "Occupy Central" people. Instead it was occupied by Filipino domestic helpers, which was fine, as it was a public holiday and they needed to take a break from their workplaces.

There were a few notices posted there and I have taken a photo of one of them (attached to my first post). I just thought that I seldom got to see the full name of HSBC like that (but of course the full name is on our bank notes).

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