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女婿 is a male



Just a warning, in case all of the "女" confuses you into thinking that a "女婿" is female. I assumed it was, and boy did I get the wrong impression of that relationship!

"姪女婿" is male too. Just saying.


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You make it sound like the words have something wrong with their chromosomes -- two, or even three, X (aka 女) chormosomes and it is still a male! :P

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More along the lines of I associate words with a "女" as related to females or to (stereotypical) female traits. 女孩子 and 孫女 come to mind, of course, and to me "女婿" felt similar to those.

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女婿 son-in-law

上门女婿 a man who is married into his wife's family


It seems by tradition the woman marries into the man's family, however 上门女婿 is when the man marries into the woman's family and often moves to where her family is based.

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